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Market Leading Travel & Payment Products For Corporate Clients, Government Sector, TMCs, the MICE Industry & Accommodation Providers

With unrivalled technology, local experience and a wide range of travel clients and partners, The Lido Group has created some of the most innovative travel and payment solutions in the world.



The AADX is a centralised technology hub aggregating accommodation suppliers’ inventory and content across Australia. The AADX is, essentially, a large computer system that manages our various programs as well as automates the payment processes from the clients. It manages our contracted accommodation programs for various clients, powers our in-house call centre reservations system, uploads rates and availability to our website programs and allows suppliers to automatically update rates and inventory via a variety of methods.

It does all this while integrating with all major credit card central payment systems. The provision of credit card Enhanced Data and unlimited granular reporting is pivotal to the AADX and Lido’s success.



A further extension to our AADX service, the AADXPlus offering is available to accommodation providers from the beginning of 2013 and provides the ability for their properties to be available globally within the Amadeus GDS with the Chain Code of ‘AA’.

The emphasis of AADXplus is to make as many AADX properties as possible live within the GDS. These properties will be booked by a wide range of TMCs for corporate clients requiring accommodation traditionally non-GDS locations.


DORA – Dynamic Online Reconciliation Application

A product powered by the AADX, capable of processing large volumes of granular financial data for use by all card providers as Enhanced Data.  Leveraging from the AADX’s rich data source and flexibility to connect to any centralised booking source, DORA is the new frontier in Enhanced Data for Accommodation and Folio data.

DORA being powered by the AADX enables Lido to deliver Enhanced Data for Accommodation, Inclusions and incidentals in a GST compliant format that excludes the need for tax invoices and reconciliation. DORA is the first system in Australia to offer corporate clients Enhanced Data across 100% of their accommodation spend.


Lido Events

LIDO EVENTS, a division of The Lido Group, provides an exclusive range of web based products to manage accommodation, online registration, surveying and e-marketing. The modular suite, known as LIDOnline, assists in the management and organisation of your event, ensuring your attendees enjoy a genuine value-added online experience.

LIDOnline’s products are specifically designed for conference and event planners in order to automate significant parts of the event planning process, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks. These services are designed to increase event attendance and decrease costs.


Government Travel

www.government.travel was launched in September 2009 for Government workers looking for a simple online accommodation solution. Used by Federal, State and Local Governments: its consolidated buying power drives best value rates to the traveller’s desktop for self booking.

The site boasts over 7000 Hotels in ANZ with discounted Government rates. The product allows members with a .gov.au, .edu.au or other approved domain, to book, amend and cancel online. It also provides online reporting, excludes any merchant/booking fees and is supported by our Australian based support centre.

Lido is currently expanding to key international destinations.


University Travel

The sister site to Government.Travel, www.university.travel was launched in August 2011 to provide university faculty and students with an online accommodation booking solution tailored to suit the needs and budgets specific to this market.

Similar to Government.Travel, users of this website will have access to over 8000 hotels in Australia and New Zealand. University.Travel provides members with a .edu, .gov or other approved domain to book a wide range of accommodation properties across ANZ near different universities and education centres as well as allows online amendments and cancellations.